What exactly is cloudstream systems?
We’re a company that diagnoses your storage needs and builds a solution with the best technology available. We install your personal, customized cloud system into your home or office.

What technology do you use?
We use the best technology available. Synology, Qnap systems, Western Digital, Seagate, and Hatichi.
What if I can’t get something to work?
Visit the troubleshooting tab on our website. If you can’t find the solution to your problem there, fill out the available form to open a service ticket.
How many computers can you configure to automatically backup to the system?
Technically, there is no limit to the number of computers we can configure to automatically backup. We do recommend that your most used systems are the ones configured to backup automatically.
What if I change internet providers?
Integrate our router and wireless system package that will work with any internet provider, even if you change. If you’d like to use your own router, we’d recommend our CloudCare Service Package to cover the reinstall.
What if I move?
Our router and wireless system package makes moving your system easy. If you prefer to use your own router, we’d recommend our CloudCare Service Package to cover the reinstall for your local move.
What if I need more storage?
No problem! The technology we use allows for you to bump up your storage by simply increasing the size of your hard drives or upgrading to a more efficient system.

How much does it cost?
We like to tell our clients to expect about $1000. Some systems can cost a bit more.

What happens if my system crashes or breaks?
Hardware malfunctions are covered under our CloudCare Package.

Is there a warranty?
We encourage our clients to get covered with our CloudCare Package that covers hardware malfunctions, internet induced issues, and moves.

What if I want additional backup?
If you’d like your data to be extra safe, you can opt-in to our subscription storage solution that backs your entire system up to an offsite system so even if there’s a rare issue with your hardware, your data won’t go anywhere.